The MTC is bringing together partners from government, industry, and academia to collaborate on shaping the future of mobility.

Realizing the promise of connected and automated vehicles requires the vision, commitment, and cooperation of a wide range of expertise and interests. Industry develops the products and services that make the system work. Governments at all levels play a key role in encouraging innovation for the public good, setting the regulatory environment, and developing infrastructure. And universities explore advanced technological concepts and social insights that underlie new visions and their implementation, and provide an independent resource for integration and evaluation, while training generations of innovators who will shape the future.

MTC is convening partners from all three sectors who will work together to

  • Envision the future, developing an integrated perspective on the direction of the emerging mobility ecosystem
  • Anticipate and shape key standards and regulations
  • Conduct research to address key opportunities and challenges
  • Test emerging ideas and approaches in a specially designed simulated urban and suburban environment as well as in on-road deployments
  • Identify and assess related social, political, economic changes
  • Identify new markets and new approaches to existing markets