MTC is creating opportunities for students from a number of disciplines to engage in  research.

One of the goals of the MTC is to help educate the students who will go on to be innovators in the emergence of 21st Century mobility systems. There is currently a shortage of talented personnel who can design and implement a system that relies on these new technologies. The kinds of expertise required span a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from engineering and information science to business and law. 

Current plans are to support faculty members in developing courses to complement MTC’s mission and research. In addition, the MTC plans to engage a student team of 50 members to participate in MTC research.

Student teams have been engaged via the College of Engineering’s Multi-disciplinary Design Program. One project, for example, has focused on evaluating the effectiveness of a computer-based simulation environment to accelerate automated vehicle development.  Another seeks to characterize the vehicle dynamics of motorcycles in order to facilitate the use of connected technology in providing warnings of potential hazardous situations to the motorcycle riders and other vehicles.